Scanamind power

Scanamind is 100% custom created for each and every research initiative. There is no one-size fits all, cookie-cutter formula that you must fit your search into; rather, you decide ahead of time or right there on the spot what you would like to learn about and our system works specifically with your request.

The topics you can choose are endless. Scanamind’s proprietary system can work with any subject matter as long as it is inputted according to the software’s specifications outlined on this site.

And, because you create the topic, list specific exploration of concepts and identify the associations within that topic, the space in the idea map that is generated is created solely on your interests and needs. A unique axis and a unique space is created for each and every topic.

Turns conventional logic on its head by requiring you not to think.

Scanamind’s ability to connect the dots below the surface of logical thought – in the place where subconscious feelings and desires drive conscious thought – is incredibly valuable. It shines a light on why people value what they do, so your understanding and communication with any given person, community or market can be created from a much more meaningful, powerful place.

And unlike other tools that use similar schematics or illustrations, such as a Mind Map or Logic Tree, Scanamind is incredibly simple to implement and use.

Scanamind takes approximately five minutes for the user to create the initial topic and list and another four minutes for the user to answer all subsequent questions. And because the process is so simple, streamlined and intuitive, there is virtually no training time required to get up and running. In less than 10 minutes, you have fully formed and graphically presented conclusions at your fingertips.

No excessive time commitment to learn and use. No in-depth training or experience level needed to utilize to its full extent. With Scanamind, in just a few simple steps, the user's intuitive responses are collected and integrated using the mathematical principles behind quantum mechanics.

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