The significance behind two second intuitive responses

It is by learning what drives our thinking beneath the surface that we really are able to understand behavior in any given person or audience. And it is for this reason that Scanamind hones in on intuition and the role of subconscious thoughts.

How do we do this? By eliciting an intuitive decision (made within two seconds) from the user. Through this “quick response” answer, the Scanamind system restricts the user from using reason and conscious thought processes to unify the criteria in making decisions. Instead they are forced to rely on their subconscious notions.

From here standard statistical processing techniques are applied to data through highly consistent decision-making criteria. This consistency is key, which is why the system uses fairly specialized mathematical principles taken from quantum mechanics in order to visually express deeper connections that are hidden within the various data.

One of the key consistent criteria used is the strength of the relationship between any two given concepts. And since the concepts put in front of the user are changing at a fairly rapid pace, the exact same question or relationship is never presented twice. For example, if three concepts being studied include the words “blue”, “yellow” and “sunshine”, the user will have different a response to how each of these relate to each other. And that inconsistency is okay because each pair of relationships is determined by its own different criteria.

There are different criteria for making decisions on each item combination. As a result, a lot of information is collected concerning the degree of association that is determined using different criteria.


It may seem as if gathering so much data is meaningless without unifying the criteria—however, the fact is that the "strength of the relationship" itself is treated as being part of the data.

The system does not focus on the data based on the strength of the relationship. It focuses on the how much variation exists in the criteria, and that variation is what is collected and used as a unifying factor.


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