How to use Scanamind

The first step is to create a title for the topic that you would like to research or explore. Don’t worry that the title is comprehensive or clever, this will not have any input into process. It’s just for you to title this particular search, so keep it short, simple and to the point.


Once you’ve created your title, generate a list of words, attributes, ideas, associations and descriptions that seem to be related to that general issue or topic that you chose. Freely write down and include anything you think of. For example, with the above subject matter of “how to get a girlfriend” you could write, things like “good looks, money, popularity, dating sites, intelligence, humor, difficult, easy” or anything else that comes to mind when you think about the subject. There is no right or wrong, and the less you censor your mind or worry about how to organize or structure your list, the more comprehensive your end results will be.


Note, 12 to 15 items is ideal. It’s okay if words seem redundant or unrelated. The more input you give, the more the program has to work with.

After you have completed your list, here is what will happen next: The program will begin to randomly pair words together from the list and display them for you. As this happens, you will be askedThe scale is divided into four levels, from "Have a strong relationship" to "Not really related". Select the level that you feel is the most appropriate.


VERY IMPORTANT: As you are selecting the degree to which the two words are related, you should do so relying on first reaction vs. thinking it through. In fact, you should not spend more than two seconds thinking about the answer. Selecting intuitively without thinking too much will ensure the most comprehensive data.

Pairs of words will continue to appear for you to assess. Continue to answer the questions as each combination appears.

Depending on how many words you input into your original list, there will be between 66 and 105 questions in all. Since each question should take less than two seconds to answer, the entire process should take about three to five minutes to complete.

Once all the questions have been answered, the data will automatically be sent to the server, correlated and the analysis results will appear right away.


Your instant report will be approximately a dozen pages, which includes a comprehensive overview explanation accompanied by an idea map detailing a deeper dive into the concepts that are driving the results from below the conscious thinking of the mind.

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