Two types of unconsciousness

Accessing the driving forces within the unconscious mind is a golden key to business and personal success.

By understanding the true intention of a consumer that drives behavior and decision-making unconsciously, a company could plan and possibly even guarantee the success of a new product or the revival of an existing one.

In the unconscious world, even the individuals themselves do not have easy access to what drives them. Which is why, until now, it has been virtually impossible to gain access to this very powerful information.

With Scanamind’s proprietary system of unconscious data collection and correlation, you gain access to a vast majority of consumer behavioral data that you have been previously unable to access.


The unconscious level, outlined in the diagram above, can be divided further into two categories, which comprise two layers in the mind. These are the personal unconscious level and what is called the collective unconscious level.

The personal unconscious is where the patterns and notions that apply to the individual are stored whereas the collective unconscious transcends an individual and represents attributes commonly shared among a group, be that a gender, a race, a market, a culture or a planet.


As you can see in the diagram below, above the level of the collective unconscious, the consciousness of persons A and B are completely different from one another. Similarly, the personal unconscious level, which is found immediately under the bottom layer of each person's consciousness, is different for each individual.

But just below that, the collective unconscious connects each personal unconscious level together. It represents the patterns, values and belief systems held in common with many other people.


In addition to maps detailing the information in each individual’s subconscious mind, Scanamind offers a "collective wisdom" version which expresses a map of this unconscious that is shared by others.




The three types of Scanamind research tools available for use are outlined below.


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